Making a payment using PayPal

Making a payment or donation to WCIC-Gilroy/Morgan Hill Chapter using PayPal

  • Log on to your PayPal Account and select the Send Money tab.
  • Enter as the email to which you are making the payment/donation.
  • Enter the amount in U.S Dollars of the payment/donation.
  • Select the Personal tab and check the item most applicable.
  • Click Continue.

NOTE: PayPal may add a fee to the transaction

  • Please enter a Subject explaning what the donation/payment is. (i.e. Challenge Weekend, Donation, Event Tickets, Etc).
  • Please enter a Message with any details or special instuctions required to allocate or route donation/payment.
  • Review details of transaction.
  • Click Send Money.

The payment goes to the WCIC-Gilroy/Morgan Hill Treasurer.

If you are making an event related payment please print the online confirmation or the confirming email and give it to the person coordinating the event payment.