Move of Ecumenism through CIC in Uganda

Move of Ecumenism through CIC in Uganda – by Aloysius Mugisa

When CIC was invited in 2005 to bring our message to Fort Portal, Uganda, it was through Bishop Robert on behalf of the Catholic Church.  Unlike in the United States, it was not possible at that time in Uganda to bring different denominations together at the same CIC events.  And in our early years in CIC, the only denomination to host our events was the Catholic Church.

Recently, though, a number of Anglican priests have requested CIC Uganda to do spiritual programs with them at their Anglican establishments. This was a result from the open invitation to all people of God to take part in CIC pastoral ministry that has always been extended by the CIC team in Uganda, as well as from the US team’s visit in May to Uganda.   

During their visit this past May, a number of Anglicans attended some of the CIC functions which were hosted by the Catholic churches.  In particular, the Couple’s Talks that were given in Virika,  Kitumbi and Yerya had a ripple effect on the leaders of their respective churches.   An Anglican Reverend by the name of Ezra began the move to invite CIC to minister to the Anglican Church. In a conversation with the team he said "Your ministry is very good and very much needed in our church.  We request for you to come and help especially the marriage and family institution in our church.”

Since then we have done five missions to the Anglican Church, thanks to the CIC BOD and members who have made this financially possible. The Anglican priests fully attended fully these events and made contributions from time to time.