A New Mindset for Forgiveness - The Healing Room


How can we ever forgive those who hurt us? Jesus tells us to look at that plank in our own eye, and forget about casting the first stone, but that seems much easier said than done.

Greg Aitkens, former CIC Board of Directors member, and a veteran of 51 Challenge Weekends, decided to do something about it. Not content with just authoring the soon to be published, “A New Mindset for Forgiveness, A Visit to the Healing Room”, Greg also developed a half-day Workshop based on the principles in his book, along with a 33-page workbook to guide men who want to forgive but cannot. The Workbook is attached at the bottom of this page.

The men of the Orange County and the Mission Viejo Chapters sponsored the three and one-half hour Workshop, and twenty men took advantage of this unique opportunity to pray and reflect and examine how they will resolve their anger. On a Saturday morning in January, one week before the Super Bowl, Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church in Lake Forest, California, provided both the white table-clothed meeting rooms and more burritos than the men wanting to learn to forgive could eat.

Greg facilitated the gathering, with unflattering anecdotes from his own life and frequent Biblical references. The men engaged in short silent readings and periods of personal reflection, followed by much longer small group discussions.  Similar to a Challenge Weekend, but solely focused on the most difficult topic of personal forgiveness of actual persons who hurt them, those blessed to attend effusively praised this one of a kind event.