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April 2021 

The April 2021 issue of The Flame examines Having Hope. One contributor shares how the power of prayer transformed a relationship with a challenging colleague to a long-lasting friendship. Another contributor facing a health crisis realizes the importance of blooming where you are planted. 

March 2021 

The March 2021 issue of The Flame examines Work Life and Family. An IT manager describes the challenges of working from home with kids during COVID and how it led him to realize that there is no part of our lives that is not a mission from God. The owner of a company that hand crafts custom furniture and employs a hard-to-employ population describes how listening to the direction of the Holy Spirit and sharing God's love at work has had a huge impact.

February 2021 

The February 2021 issue of The Flame examines Facing Anxiety. A software engineer shared about a time when he was implementing a new system for distribution and all the shipments were sent to the wrong location. The company president responded in a cool and calm way as they resolved the situation and reminded him that he needed to trust in God. Another contributor shared that as a manager of a homeowner association, his team found that once they tried to love the people they were serving, they found that calls were more helpful and frustration levels were reduced.

January 2021 

The January 2021 issue of The Flame examines Honoring God in Our Work. A speech-language therapist shares her realization that hard work is important but ultimately our successes and joys come from God. Another contributor shares that although he is an artist by nature, putting his trust in God led him to new opportunities in the business world where he was needed. And a grocery store manager shared how COVID-19 helped her learn how to serve God in new ways.

December 2020 

The December 2020 issue of The Flame examines Navigating the Gray Areas. A former plant manager shares his experience of inviting a fired employee and his wife to pray with him for future job prospects and how it brought them peace. Another contributor shares his experience on a painting crew of young men led in daily prayer by the owner who modeled loyalty, respect, and responsibility for his young workers.

November 2020 

The November 2020 issue of The Flame examines Choosing Hope. A contributor shares how she and her family were forced to flee their homeland to settle in the United States and even when they didn't have a plan God clearly did. Another contributor shares how he was sidetracked by a world of choices and the consistent act of writing in a journal drew him closer to the Lord. 

October 2020

The October 2020 issue of The Flame examines Fostering Patience. A contributor shares how the process of explaining her role to a new boss led the boss to become an advocate and when it came time for a new job. Another contributor shares how the power of friendship helped to increase his awareness of the fears and concerns of his coworkers. 

September 2020

The September 2020 issue of The Flame examines A Culture of Respect. A contributor shares her story about working with a man who was homeless and struggled with mental illness and substance abuse and how treating him with respect and compassion helped improve his situation. Another contributor describes how a hospital administrator led by example by showing love and respect to everyone on his team.

August 2020

The August 2020 issue of The Flame examines Building Relationships with Coworkers. A couple share their harrowing story of surviving COVID-19 and how it brought them closer to God. Another contributor describes how a coworker shared a Scripture passage at just the right time and confirmed that God had heard her prayers. 

July 2020

The July 2020 Issue of The Flame examines Living in the Present Moment. One writer shares how the pandemic provided opportunities for some business owners to step back, reflect and reassess in a way that would not hve been feasible prior to the pandemic. A nurse describes how when she gave up her job to relocate with her new husband, she was surprised to find another way to live her vocation by mentoring nursing students. Another shares how his successful business encountered significant legal problems and he was able--through the grace of God and others--to make a course correction and become a witness to others.

June 2020 

In the June 2020 issue of The Flame we examines The Holy Spirit at Work. One writer shares how the pandemic left her to pray for students and their families in a specific way. Another writer shares how the Holy Spirit helped provide an opportunity for an adult student and a tutor to support each other.

May 2020

In the May 2020 issue of The Flame we examine Working Through a Pandemic. We reached out to writers to share their experiences of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has had on their lives. An emergency room nurse shares her experience on the front lines as she works to bring peace to her team. Others share their experiences of the challenges and graces they encountered while working from home. 

April 2020

The April 2020 issue of The Flame examines the Gift of Mercy. A social worker shares how she benefited when a coworker treated her with mercy when she struggled to learn a new process. We also highlight one of our Annual Conference presenters who encourages mercy regularly in his job as a police sergeant who once focused on the capture of sex traffickers and now works with the homeless population. Another describes the challenges and rewards of caring for elderly parents. 

March 2020

The March 2020 issue of The Flame examines the Fruit of Good Communication which requires us to have a willingness to listen and learn to be open to God's voice and guidance. One contributor shares how a cancer diagnosis turns out to be a blessing and the start of a new career. Another tells about the perils of gossip and how communication demands a tender spirit of love. And we introduce our new president, Wesley Farrow. 

February 2020

The February 2020 issue of The Flame examines being Good and Faithful Stewards. One contributor tells about a concert experience where the performer, who had a long career and was well beyond his prime, was still adored by the crowd. Another shares the challenges of dealing with a client who did not act or communicate in good faith. And a board member describes the fruit of a recent WorkLight road trip as he visited chapters in Arizona and California. 

January 2020

The January 2020 issue of The Flame examines Refocusing Our Vision. Contributors share the importance of not only listening to God’s call but responding to it and the unexpected gifts that can come from giving someone your full attention when they need to be heard. 

December 2019

The December 2019 issue of the Challenge Newsletter examines Workplace Integrity. Contributors share the importance of language and how we need to guard against harming others through thoughtless words or gossp. Find out more abour out WorkLoght iniative and or new approach to expanding our outreach. 

November 2019

The November 2019 Challenge Newsletter examines Mentoring. One contributor shares how when she was new in the education field she was gently guided in handling challenging parents, Another shared how his mentoring lead to the beautiful gifts of self-reflection and friendship.

October 2019

The October 2019 Challenge Newsletter examines the theme Laboring for the Kingdom. One contributor shares how putting the Lord in charge of sales had a dramatic effect on his business and his life. Another shares how the Lord responded to a cook's simple prayer at dinner time when ingredients seemed meager and yet a whole crowd was fed with plenty left over.

September 2019

The September 2019 Challenge Newsletter examines the theme Shine Bright! Light the Darkness. One contributor shares how speaking truth and hope can have a dramatic impact on someone who is struggling. Another shares how praying with others in the office provided her an opportunity to pray with increased conviction and with surprising results.

August 2019

The August 2019 Challenge Newsletter examines Relationships with Coworkers. One contributor shares how he called on an army of prayer warriors—his coworkers—when his infant son was critically ill. Another relates how approaching a difficult conversation with a coworker in humility lead to a surprising outcome.

July 2019

The July 2019 Challenge Newsletter examines Work Life and Family. One contributor shares how mistakes can lead to meaningful discoveries and positive outcomes. Another relates how sometimes the Lord asks us to take on more than we think we can handle but he always works in our best interest.

June 2019

The June 2019 Challenge Newsletter examines Aligning your Career to God’s Mission. One contributor shares how stepping away from a successful corporate career to develop a family business created more time for relationships with his wife, kids, and with God. Another relates how leaving a dream job at first seemed like a mistake but by turning to God her despair diminished and she discovered a path to joy.

May 2019

The May 2019 Challenge Newsletter examines Living the Spirit-Led Life. A gifted runner describes how when he refocused his attention from himself to Jesus, he discovered new gifts to help others. A nurse shares how she was led to a ministry and experienced the gift of helping a dying woman grow in her relationship with Christ.

April 2019

The April 2019 Challenge Newsletter examines Demonstrating the Love of Christ. One contributor, a physical therapist, shares how she has a positive effect on patients by understanding their priorities and helping them reach reasonable goals. Another relates an encounter with racism and how he was able to help a new friend overcome his prejudices by seeing others as God’s children.

March 2019

The March 2019 Challenge Newsletter examines Fostering Forgiveness. Contributors share how praying for and forgiving a coworker who was spreading hurtful gossip helped others stop gossiping about him, how the Lord can lead us to see that sometimes we’re the ones who need to apologize even when we feel wronged, and how a years-old argument that stayed alive in one party’s mind had already been long forgotten—and forgiven—by the other.

February 2019

The February 2019 Challenge Newsletter examines Good and Faithful Stewards. Contributors share how the right words can help someone address their distress, how facilitating opportunities for coworkers can further develop their skills, how the inspiration of the Holy Spirit can lead us to the right people to overcome workplace challenges, and how a young mother was led to a state of peace before she died. 

January 2019

In the January 2019 issue of the Challenge Newsletter, we examine New Beginnings. This issue shows how a fresh perspective can help foster a culture of community and how sometimes it takes a second chance to get things right. 

December 2018

In the December 2018 issue of the Challenge Newsletter, we examine Workplace Integrity. Coworkers can learn from each other and work toward a culture of integrity that will benefit everyone in the workplace.

November 2018

In the November 2018 issue of the Challenge Newsletter, we examine Guiding Others. Coworkers who live an authentic life in Christ at the office can have a profound effect on the lives of their peers.

October 2018

In the October 2018 issue of the Challenge Newsletter, we examine Work-Life Peace. Overwhelmed by a world filled with suggestions for finding peace, it’s only through aligning our work with the Lord that we find true peace.

September 2018

In the September 2018 issue of the Challenge Newsletter, we explore Laboring for the Kingdom. Although we may have chosen different career paths, we share in common the Lord’s call to be working for his Kingdom—each in his or her own way.

August 2018

In the August 2018 issue of the Challenge Newsletter we explore Relationships with Coworkers. The majority of our time is spent at work. As we discern God’s mission for our careers, we don’t do it in isolation but out in the world and often in a work environment. In this issue we explore how a leader can plant seeds that won’t sprout until years later, how a single act of kindness can inspire a whole team, and how compassion from a coworker can make all the difference.

July 2018

In the July 2018 issue of the Challenge Newsletter  we explore the importance of aligning our lives with the Holy Spirit, and how only through that alignment can we achieve harmony between our work life and family. We also consider the importance of diversity in the workplace and how it should come naturally for Christians who are called to love our neighbor as ourselves.

June 2018

The June 2018 Challenge Newsletter features Louis Grams sharing his fond memories of fellow CIC cofounder John Mooney.  The theme examines Aligning Your Career to God's Mission.  This month's insert considers how your daily commute can help bring forth the kingdom and how embracing the call to work for our Father brings us closer to God.  Share it with friends, family, and business associates.

May 2018

The theme of the May 2018 Challenge Newsletter is Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This month’s insert features an excerpt from the Snapshot Podcast series that focuses on humility in the workplace, and is a great give-away to share with and inspire others about how they can help redeem God’s creation in their own workplaces. Luke Cahill, Chris Dietz, Cathy Glover, and Rebecca Triplett reflect on how cooperating with the gifts of the Holy Spirit affected their places of employment.

April 2018

The theme of the April 2018 Challenge Newsletter is Redemption as we celebrate the Lord’s resurrection. This month’s insert features a reflection by Louis Grams, and is a great give-away to share with and inspire others about how they can help redeem God’s creation in their own workplaces.  Doug Demetre and Mary DeSanto reflect on how they participated in this redemptive work in their places of employment.

March 2018

With March being the month of Lent as we prepare for the celebration of Easter, the theme of the March 2018 newsletter is forgiveness.  In the front page story of this issue, Joe Cramer shares solid advice on how to manage mistakes with clients, customers, and coworkers. 

February 2018

The theme of the February 2018 newsletter is Stewardship and features stories of good stewards in the workplace.

January 2018

We kick off the year with a new look for our January 2018 newsletter. This month’s issue builds on our 2017 Annual Conference, Coworkers in Christ: Being a Servant Leader, and continues to explore CIC’s history while looking to the future. New elements include; a front page that will focus on current business trends, combined men’s and women’s reflections, reflections built around a single theme. In addition, we will have special features, quotes, and insights supporting us in our call, along with monthly inserts to be pulled out and shared with others beyond CIC.

December 2017

In the front page story of our December 2017 newsletter, Dave Hazelton describes God's presence in the Old Testament and how even today we benefit by moving forward in the power of God's presence.

November 2017

In the front page story of our November 2017 newsletter, Billy Brophy shares his willingness to turn the other cheek and keep my mouth shut on the day he gave notice at his former job, and salvaged his relationship with a great company.

October 2017

In the front page story of our October 2017 newsletter, Jim Mysliwiec describes how he did the right thing by confronting a former boss who was not treating his employees with respect and how this changed their relationship for the better.

September 2017

In the front page story of our September 2017 newsletter, Bud Rose (CIC Founder and South Bend/Elkhart Men's Chapter) describes how he forgave a friend who wronged him and how he later had an opportunity to help his friend deepen his relationship with our Father.

August 2017

In the front page story of our August 2017 newsletter, Dave Mazanowski (Indianapolis Challenge Group) describes how participating in my his weekly Challenge Group increased his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit working in him and in the lives of the other 20 men.

July 2017

In the front page story of our July 2017 newsletter, Jim Ganther (Tampa Men's Chapter) describes how the Lord miraculously saved his businesses, not once, but twice. Hear abour our first co-ed Challenge Weekend in the News section!

June 2017

CIC Member Gary Brown writes how humility is a bridge that connects our own pains and experiences of the past to the present on the front page of our June 2017 newsletter. Read about the newly announced Working for Our Father Workshop nominal licensing fees!

May 2017

CIC Board Chairman Rich Preuss reflects on the importance of face-to-face communication in the workplace on the front page of our May 2017 newsletter. Hear about the follow up that has been taking place with Working for Our Father attendees in the News section!

April 2017

Announcing the 2017 Annual Conference theme in the April 2017 newsletter! As with every April issue, our mission's yearly income and expense projections are also included. Learn what is entailed in planned giving and hear about the success of our latest Working for Our Father seminars in the News section!

March 2017

Mesa Men's Chapter member Joe Blanco relates a powerful story about forgiveness on the front page of the March 2017 Newsletter. Hear the latest from our Uganda chapters in the News section!

February 2017

Women's Chapters Advisory Board newcomer Catherine Pingel expounds upon the difference between Christian hope versus worldly hope in our Week One article of the February 2017 Newsletter. Meet the newest members of our Board of Directors, Luke Cahill and Gail Cardwell, in the News section!

January 2017

Welcome to 2017! Christians in Commerce President Terry Cassell helps us ring in the new year with a front page reflection on what it means to be truly renewed and refreshed in the January 2017 Newsletter. Announcing our exciting new workshop series, Working for Our Father, in the News section!

December 2016

On the front page of the December 2016 Newsletter, Jim Ganther (Tampa Men's Chapter) illustrates the effect that undeserved love has on our work. Enjoy photos and testimonies from our groundbreaking 2016 Annual Conference in the News section!

November 2016

On the front page of the November 2016 Newsletter, Jon Cassday (Northern Virgina) reminds that we are about being Christ and doing our Father’s work 24/7. Women's Chapter Advisory Board welcomes Catherine Pingel (South Bend/Elkhart), who serves as the secretary for the Board in the News section!

October 2016

On the front page of the October 2016 Newsletter, Geoff Hunziker (Monterey) reminds us that it is important to keep our work lives in prayer along with the more personal aspects of our lives. Hear about some exciting pre-conference events that will be taking place in the News section!

September 2016

Christians in Commerce Board member Steve Becker (Minneapolis-South Chapter) expounds upon the toil of work versus the good of work on the front page of the September 2016 Newsletter. Get a sneak peek of the 2016 Annual Conference Workshops in the News section!

August 2016

In the front page story of the August 2016 Newsletter, Campus Club @ ASU Chapter President Art Klaum explores the answer to the question "Whom do you work for?" or "What do you do?" If we reflect, we may find that the answer extends far beyond our places of employment. 

July 2016

Louie Grams (one of our CIC Founders) asks us; '"What if" every man and woman in CIC realized they have truly been given the power of the Holy Spirit to transform their workplaces and their eyes were opened to the impact of those workplaces on the world in the July 2016 Newsletter.

June 2016

Hear what Board member Dan Trevino (Mesa Chapter) has to say about living out the vision of Christians in Commerce (CIC) in the June 2016 Newsletter.

May 2016

The May 2016 Newsletter features an inspiring cover story by Bill Dalgetty. Bill asks us to reflect on how we share our presence of Christ to people in all circumstances of our lives. Do we do this with shouts of judgment and argument, or with gentle mercy, wisdom, and the power of the Holy Spirit? He provides a testimony of the latter, that of evangelism, Jesus-style.

April 2016

The April 2016 Newsletter features an inspiring front-page article by Jack McCall. Jack recalls what a strong example his father was of Christ in the workplace, even though he did not end up following his father's example until after his passing. Readers will also find our projected income and expense report for the rest of this year, which we publish every year at this time.

March 2016

Our March 2016 Newsletter cover story on page one highlights 'Closing the Marketplace Gap'. This artcile was created with the involvement of several past and current members of the CIC Board of Directors, along with input from the founders of Christians in Commerce.

February 2016

We might think “Glory!” just refers to all the good that happens in our lives. Greg Aitkens shares how he has learned that “Glory!” is referring to everything in life—the good, the bad, and the ugly in our February 2016 Newsletter! The 2016 Annual Christians in Commerce Conference will be held on October 14-15 in the Palm Springs area at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Golf Resort, Palm Springs Area, Cathedral City, CA.

January 2016

With the beginning of a new year, we have decided to surprise you with a new  look for our Challenge Newsletter! Terry Cassell introduces his monthly, 'President's Corner' in our January 2016 Newsletter! The WCIC Board of Directors welcomes its newest member, Sharon Rose (WCIC-South Bend/Elkhart).

December 2015

Check out photos from the 2015 Annual Conference in the News section of our December 2015 Newsletter! CIC Board member Kirby Falkenberg gives an inspiring exhortation to "obscene generosity" in this month's Week One reflection. 

November 2015

In the November 2015 Newsletter, the CIC Board of Directors welcomes its newest member, Dan Trevino (Mesa). Learn more about Dan in the News section! On the front page this month, Steve Smith (South Bend/Elkhart) shares the exciting events that unfolded when God inspired him to pray for an estranged family member. 

October 2015

In our front page story for the October 2015 Newsletter, CIC Board member and South Bend/Elkhart Chapter President Rich Preuss discusses the importance of keeping Christ present in our everyday interactions. Sandra Paiva (WCIC-Santa Cruz) relates how the power of prayer impacted her husband's health scare and the pile of bills that followed. See the bottom of page 4 for a sneak peek at our 2015 Annual Conference General Session topics!

September 2015

Be sure to check out the News section of our September 2015 Newsletter to read about recent updates made to the CIC Vision, Mission and Values statements! 

August 2015

In the August 2015 Newsletter, read about the exciting things happening at the Uganda Youth Conferences in the News section! Hear an inspiring story about God speaking directly to us from missionary George Kane in Week One. 

July 2015

In the July 2015 Newsletter, South Bend-Elkhart Chapter member Randy Raciti relates his experience in moving past his problems with a coworker in the front page story. Hear about the latest Challenge Weekends in the News section!

June 2015

In the June 2015 Newsletter, CIC Board member Art Klaum explores the various "seasons" of our lives and careers on the front page. Read about the success of the Uganda Chapter's Couple's Weekend of Reflection in the News section!

May 2015

Announcing the Christians in Commerce 2015 Annual Conference in the May 2015 Newsletter! Joe Blanco of the Mesa Chapter shares a powerful front-page story about bringing someone to Christ in the workplace, and Lucy Vasquez talks about the first Women's CIC Service Council retreat in the News section!

April 2015

Be sure to check out the News section of the April 2015 Newsletter! The WCIC-South Bend/Elkhart Chapter is back up and running, and Keith Rushing is shaking things up in Santa Cruz as the new Chapter President! In our front page story, Greater Sacramento Chapter President Doug Demetre shares how a simple prayer in the workplace completely changed the dynamic of two companies who shared office suites. 

March 2015

On the front page of the March 2015 Newsletter, Greg Aitkens discusses Millennials in the workplace, sharing from his own experiences as well as a workshop given at the 2014 Annual Conference by Gabrielle Jackson, author of 5 Millennial Myths: The Handbook for Managing and Motivating Millennials. Hear about the success of Uganda's fifth annual Couples' Conference in the News section!

February 2015

In the February 2015 Newsletter, veteran WCIC-Phoenix Chapter member Brenda Fox shares some exciting opportunities she had to share Christ's love at a work seminar in the women's reflections. In the News, Cathy Glover recounts details of the recent Phoenix Area Hope for the Workplace Seminar

January 2015

In the January 2015 Newsletter, CIC President Terry Cassell kicks off the year with an exhortation on the front page story. Check out the News section for a summary of CIC co-founder Louis Grams' talk from the 2014 Annual Conference!