Ntoroko Marriage Seminar - November 27-28, 2015

On November 27th to 28th, Christians in Commerce (CIC) responded to an invitation to do a couples renewal weekend. We travelled ninety kilometers to Ntoroko District, the shores of Lake Albert. Eighteen couples were waiting for us. None of them had had an encounter with CIC, but had heard about it from our evangelical radio talk shows.

We introduced CIC to them and taught them about God's plan for marriage and family. They gave very moving testimonies at the end of the program. One man said 'now I know that my selfishness has been ruining my marriage. I don't care about my wife's feelings.  I just do what makes me happy. Now I am going to mind her feelings and I will sacrifice for her happiness'.

Another man who had not come with his wife said, 'I did not know that these teachings  were going to be this serious. My wife was reluctant to come a day I did not encourage her enough. Next time you do a program like this even if it's 200 miles away I will come with my wife. Our marriage is suffering because of ignorance'.

One woman said that she was going to make her marriage a priority. She said her business was her priority. She said she would work hard to balance her marriage and her business

It was a very blessed program.