Registering a Working for Our Father Series

By registering my “Working for Our Father” series, I agree to use the material as designed in the Participants Guide and provide a list of first names and personal emails of participants prior to our sessions to

I understand there is no charge for the use of the materials, though freewill offerings to the CIC Home Office are encouraged to help defray the costs. This registration authorizes me to use these materials for the series identified.  

I’m free to use materials for future sessions if I provide required information on the new participants; (additional names and emails).


Please list the specific location(s) where the Working for Our Father session will be conducted.
Please select in which of the following settings the Working for Our Father series will be conducted. Multiple settings can be selected by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting the enter key.
Please Note:
Your response may take several moments to process, at which point a registration confirmation message should appear. If you do not see this message, please contact the CIC Office at (877) 205-5600. Please refrain from hitting 'SUBMIT' multiple times.