Rwamukoora Marriage and Family Seminar - November 15-17, 2013

Rwamukoora Marriage and Family Seminar held November 15-17, 2013 was a very successful program. We have a challenge group in that place and the couples in that challenge group requested us to do a couples' seminar there.

We went to the parish Priest of that area and proposed to him doing a couples' seminar. He was very happy and gave us his blessing. We ran announcements in the surrounding churches and over the radio inviting all couples to the seminar. By 16th morning, 27 couples had arrived at the venue. We had bought food and hired people to cook for attendees. Every thing went according to plan.

Among the talks given were: God's plan for Marriage and Family, Communicating love to one's spouse, Faithfulness to one's spouse. Meeting physiological and emotional needs of one's spouse. Couples at this seminar were allowed time to be together. Husband and wife would go to a quiet place to pray together and freely interact.

At the end of the seminar one lady said that what she liked most about the seminar was to have uninterrupted time with her husband. ' For many years my husband has  been too occupied to commune with me. He comes home from the shop late in the night and leaves for market very nearly in the morning. But at this conference I have had an opportunity to sit with him for a long time' she said. The husband of this lady said that he did not know that it was important for him put talking to his wife on his program; disengage from all activities to attend to her exclusively.

Another lady testified and said that for the first time in several years her husband listened to her speak to him for about 15 minutes without interrupting her. Her husband said he did not know that proper communication involved listening without interrupting even when what his wife is speaking is nonsense.