Salinas Men’s Chapter hosted a luncheon with the City Mayor Joe Gunther

The Salinas Men’s Chapter hosted a luncheon on Friday, October 27, with their City Mayor, Joe Gunter as their main presenter. Approximately 50 individuals, which included CIC members, college students, local pastors, city & county representatives, plus the County Sheriff’s department were invited to attend from the community, in which the topic of prayer and personal accountability were discussed.  

Mayor Joe spoke on the topic of "Showing Up" & "Accountability".  After presenting a brief background of his formative days, Mayor Joe dealt into many of the current “hot” topics facing the City.  These included – the difference between a “Sanctuary City” vs a Safe City; “streets & sidewalks” repair, “immigration” dealing with “legalized marijuana” and during the question & answer session, the pressing issue of “the homeless.”

The goal of this preliminary meeting is to begin establishing a collective community hour of prayer, in which each of the local parishes establish an hour of prayer one day each week – praying for healing within the greater city & community.   For example, the CIC Salinas Men’s Chapter has established P.U.S.H (Pray Until Something Happens) which meets for an hour every Monday evening, between 5:30 to 6:30.  On Tuesday of each week, an additional hour of prayer is held at Sacred Heart beginning at 7 to 8.  Each of these prayer sessions are led by CIC volunteers.   

The goal is to begin a "REVIVAL PROCESS" within our community -- praying for peace and specifically requesting the assistance of the Holy Spirit in dealing with our community areas of conflicts. 

Our thanks to Mayor Joe Gunter, as he did a nice job being respectful, non-judgmental and non-political.