Sharing our gifts to build the Kingdom of God

CIC member Jon Colvin saw the need for musicians to lead the chapter meetings so he taught himself to play the CIC songs.  He did  not stop there.  He has over the years encouraged other CIC brothers that were closet guitarist to share their talents at chapter meetings and on Challenge Weekends. Jon has led sessions for the men to become comfortable with the CIC songs.

Jon has a story that he shares with those that he encourages.  It is the 9-2 rule.  If there is an accomplished guitar player at the chapter meeting along with Jon, he grades himself as a 2, but if he is the only worship leader then he is a 9. If you happen to attend a Phoenix chapter meeting on a Wednesday morning there could be 5 guitarist sharing their talents or on a Thursday morning at a Scottsdale meeting you could see the 3 above leading the men through our CIC songbook.  We thank Jon for stepping up, as other CIC brothers do, to encourage sharing our gifts to build the Kingdom of God.

Pictured below are Jon Colvin, Rob Dreschler and Don Bays.