Snapshot Podcasts Series

Snapshot Podcasts

Snapshot Podcasts share the experiences of other coworkers and provide insights designed to help you apply them to your own situation. Listen to them during your commute, or whenever convenient.  They are short and easy to listen to.

We hope that you enjoy our current series:

    Snapshot Podcasts Series 1: Accepting the Father’s Gift of Work
    Work is God’s great gift to us. It’s a call to work for our Father 24/7, 365 days a year, especially where we spend 60 percent of our waking hours – the workplace.

    Snapshot Podcasts Series 2: Triumphing over Toil, Trials, and Temptations
    The sweat of toil, its thorns and thistles can choke the good of work.  Toil is the result of sin. God still wants his creation to fulfill his purpose. It was made that all might flourish; a fallen and broken world just makes the job harder.

    Snapshot Podcasts Series 3: Aligning Your Career to God’s Mission
    Our careers become our calling when we see them as a part of the call to work for our Father. It transforms the work of our hands into service and ministry to God and for others. Are we willing to trust God, put our faith in him and find out that he is indeed Lord over all our lives especially our careers?

    Snapshot Podcasts Series 4: Operating in the Fruit of the Spirit
    Christians should exhibit the characteristics of the best workers in the world.  The fruit of the Spirit exhibits these characteristics.  Good intentions, personal talents, and hard work alone will not make these characteristics a reality.  Only the Holy Spirit makes this possible.  Our Father wants the Spirit to be present in us and his power released in our lives.