Summer BBQ 2018

The Orange County and Mission Viejo chapters held their 13th Annual CIC Barbecue on September 8th at the beautiful Mission Viejo home of Jim & Patti Lu Gentile. Their very large backyard and the fantastic weather made this an enjoyable gathering for all who were blessed to attend.

 A convivial crowd of 80 guests and members enjoyed the fine food and excellent fellowship. Event chairmen Art Villalovos and Jim Gentile provided perfect arrangements for the evening. Raffle Master Bob Newcomb made the festivities even more exciting with his fun-filled games of chance and the memorable prizes.

We honored Mike Sullivan, who was our BBQ host last year, and who joined his wife, Betty Ann, in heaven this year. We paid special tribute to their work raising money for water wells in Uganda. We were thrilled their son, Mike, Jr., and his wife celebrated with us.