Uganda 2013 Bugombwa Youth Gospel Conference

Aloysius Mugisa

My heart is brimming with joy after the Lord granted us resounding success in the Youth Gospel Conference that ran from September 5th-8th. Glory to the holy name of the Lord! The Lord had put it on my heart to organize and minister to the youth in Bugombwa parish.

When the school holiday began, I approached the pastor of Bugombwa parish and suggested to him that Christians in Commerce do a gospel conference for the youth in his parish. “I have heard many good things about CIC and doing a gospel conference for the youth is a welcome idea, but feeding 200 people for three days cannot fit into our parish budget,” he replied. I offered to buy the food and requested he provide the cooks. He agreed. CIC paid two young men to fetch water from the well and fill two tanks.

We made announcements in the neighboring churches and used our radio program to publicize the conference. By noon on September 6th, there were 220 young people. We were compelled to rent a second tent.

At the end of the conference a young man testified and said that the teachings helped him realize that he had been worshiping the god of pleasure, and that was idolatry. Another boy said he realized at the conference that his culture and the gospel are in terrible conflict. He said he had learned to put the gospel above his culture. One girl said she never knew there was fun in living for Jesus. She said she had engaged in many destructive practices in search of fun; she said she would now look for fun in the Lord Jesus. Another girl said, “My transformation has begun at this conference, and one of the things I am going to do is to tell my friends to turn to Jesus…”

I am very happy the Lord rewarded our efforts!

Aloysius Mugisa, Uganda Christians in Commerce Chapter President