Uganda Family and Marriage Seminars

GLORY! A picture of a couple who was wedded at the last Uganda Family and Marriage Seminar.

Wedding Picture at Uganda Couples Seminar

This 63 year old man was baptized, given his first holy communion and wedded to his wife on the last day of the Uganda Family and Marriage Seminar. His life and that of his wife were transformed as a result of this couples retreat.

This is what goes on at our Uganda Family and Marriage Seminar and Couples Conferences:

  • Teachings for spiritual renewal like: The love of God for Humanity, God’s purpose for Creation of Humanity, Personal relation and commitment to Christ etc.
  • Teachings for the renewal of marital relationships and family life like: God’s plan for Marriage and Family, Couple Communication, Communicating love in a Marriage, Fidelity, Forgiveness, and Parenting etc. 
  • Praise and worship God together, we do couple prayer where husband and wife go together to pray for particular situations in their marriage and family. 

We allow time for couple talk; after teaching couple communication, we send couples to go and talk about certain issues in their marriage and family.  We do male group discussion, female group discussions and mixed group discussion where members discuss family and marriage issues.

We do the honoring exercise, where spouse speak out the good that their partners have done for them.  We do letter writing where spouses write letters to their partners complimenting them, asking them for forgiveness and telling them their wishes.  We conclude the conference with testimonies and a feast where some couples legitimize their marriages.

Here are some of the comments from our Uganda brothers and sisters:

'I have learned how to communicate love to my wife. I did not know that returning home late has been straining our marriage. I will always come home early so that I can have quality time with my wife.' Lawrence

'This is my second time to attend CIC's couples' seminar and I am very grateful to the people that brought CIC, which helped me stop drinking alcohol. Since I stopped taking alcohol my marriage has stabilized. I live in peace with my wife.' George

'I did not know my husband's income nor did he know mine. I have learnt that this is a form of unfaithfulness, which blocks God's blessings to me. I will be very faithful to him by showing him my earnings.' Lucia

'My husband and I never pray together. At this seminar I have learnt that there are some things that God grants only through couple prayer. My husband and I have learned the importance of praying together.' Gorret