Uganda Gospel Rally

The gospel rally was intended to powerfully proclaim the Word of God. The theme was: Faith comes By Hearing. Romans 10.

We invited members of CIC from our challenge groups in Virika deanery. Using our radio program we invited all other people to come to the gospel rally. The pastor of the church, Bukwali, where we did the rally was very excited and gave us all the support he could.

We were expecting about 150 people, but we were surprised that the attendees more than doubled our expectation. Thursday evening people started pouring in from all directions. Fortunately we had hired a hall big enough o accommodate more than five hundred people. The program was characterized by Vibrant praise and worship, Testimonies, ministering to the sick and powerful proclamation of the Word. The talks included the following: 1 The mandate of Proclaiming the Word of God 2 Avarice, the Enemy of Faith. 3 You shall Know them By Their Fruits 4 The Testing of Faith 5 Removing Blocks To Faith and many others.

At the end of the program one man said he had learned that just as the body needs food to live and grow, his soul needed the Word of God to live and grow. He said he would always look for the Word of God to feed his soul.

Another man said that the gospel rally made him realize that he had been created for the purpose of bearing fruit but had unfortunately been fruitless for very many years. He said he was going to make every effort and bear fruits of love, service to the church and neighbour.

One woman said that she had been giving very little time to the work of the salvation of her soul. She said all she minded about were the needs of the body. She said she was going to start dedicating time to her spiritual growth.

We are very grateful to the Lord for this big success of the gospel rally.