Uganda Marriage and Family Renewal 2014 Conference

One of the many ministries of CIC and WCIC in Uganda is their Marriage and Family Renewal. They reach out to many groups of couples in different places and help them renew their marriages and families. Their Marriage and Family Renewal Conference is held on the second week of January annually.
They held their largest conference this year from January 12-19, 2014. It took almost the whole year to plan. They sent out invitations and used their radio talk shows to publicize the conference. One hundred and sixty-four (164) couples turned up! Being the fifth conference of its kind, they divided the participants into four classes:

  • Beginners’ class
  • Second year attendees’ class
  • Third year attendees’ class
  • Fourth and fifth year attendees’ class

Each class had its own talks and did different activities from the other classes. It was a mighty success. Glory to God! The fourth and fifth year attendees were in the service class. They divided themselves into groups of two; while one group was in class, the other went to cook and babysit the children of those in the other classes.
After the first three days, three couples decided to legitimize their marriages, and on Saturday evening they were wedded in a simple but colorful ceremony.
Several individuals and couples gave testimonies of how the Lord had touched and transformed their lives and marriages. On Wednesday morning after a talk on alcoholism, seven came forward and denounced drinking alcohol. ‘I have learned from this conference how alcohol is destroying my health, my relationship with my wife and children, and from today I renounce drinking’, one man said.
Another man said, ‘Today I renew my commitment to providing for my family after abdicating my God-given duty for five years, and when I reach home I will ask my children to forgive me for being an irresponsible father.’
There was another woman who said that since she and her husband started attending CIC Marriage Renewal programs, their marriage had improved greatly.