Uganda Retreat - March 17-18, 2012

People continue to flock to the retreats in Uganda in record numbers. Over the weekend of March 17-18, our brothers and sisters in Africa hosted a Lenten retreat that drew a total of 147 participants! The talks given over the weekend were entitled, Love and Forgiveness, Sin and Repentance, and Prayer and Fasting. Aloysius Mugisa, president of the men’s Uganda Chapter, could not have been more pleased. He concluded his report on the weekend by exclaiming, “Blessed be the Lord Jesus!”

Testimonies from Uganda

Our brothers and sisters in Uganda recently held two Days of Renewal that drew a combined total of 176 attendees! Here are the testimonies of a few of the participants:

“Now I know I have not been productive in my church. I have been sitting on my talents and perhaps I have missed God's blessings. I am going to be a contributor and not only a consumer in the mission of my church.”

“When I came here on Friday, I could hardly walk. I had a terrible muscle tension in my thighs and legs. I also had a painful stomach cramp and a splitting headache. I was lying on this mat until Saturday afternoon. Jesus lifted me up during the talk on The Power of the Name of Jesus. I slowly and consciously felt my pain going. I am much better now. I can stand up and clap my hands. I am sure this is God’s work.”

“I have doubtlessly experienced the power of God at this renewal day. I am living in a very bad relationship with my sister-in-law. I never thought I could forgive her. Now I feel a lot of courage and power to forgive her.”

 - Aloysius Mugisa

In our September newsletter we announced we would periodically be sharing stories from brothers and sisters in Uganda whose lives have been changed through their encounter with CIC. Here is a testimony from one sister illustrating these changes:

“My father did not take me to school. He preferred my brothers to me and educated all of them. I blamed him for all my suffering. I am very poor, I married a poor man and he mistreats me. I cannot educate my own children. I have thought about divorce but I have nowhere to live because I have no money. My brothers have jobs and they are well off. Every thought of my father brought me grief that came with headaches, dizziness and stomach pain.

At a Challenge Weekend I met my real father — my Father who art in Heaven. He gave me the grace to forgive my worldly father. I know now that my worldly father is imperfect and limited in many ways, but my heavenly Father is unlimited and perfect and can provide me with all I need. Since I forgave my father I have no more stomach pains or headaches.”

 – Dinhavence Makuru