Uganda Youth Conference - May 14-17, 2015

'Do not be ashamed of proclaiming Christ'  2 Timothy 1:8

The Uganda Christians in Commerce (CIC) Men’s and Women’s (WCIC) Chapters recently concluded a three day Youth Conference with the theme Do Not Be Ashamed of Proclaiming Christ."We bless the name of the Lord for this very successful ministry," stated Aloysius Mugisa, men’s Chapter President.

Their last youth conference in December attracted 800 young people. Three teenagers later approached Aloysius and requested that a youth conference be held in their area to help the youth who could not afford to travel to where the current Annual Youth Conferences are held. He agreed somewhat hesitantly, and a local conference took place May 14–17, 2015.

As always, they used their radio program to promote the event. They also visited churches and spoke to congregations. Currently they do not have any CIC Challenge Groups in that area, but hundreds of people listen to their evangelical radio shows. Many of the youth readily accepted the invitation and promised to come, and many parents promised to send their children.

On Thursday May 14th, the three-man team started an eighty-mile journey to the conference venue, arriving at 10 AM. The leaders told the team they were expecting about 70 teenagers. As of that evening, 78 youth had registered. The following day, starting very early in the morning, more and more young people began flocking in, and by that evening they had registered 193 teenagers!

While blessed by the increase in attendance and delighted with the turnout, they were not prepared at all for this number. They engaged with the local leaders, who hurried to secure more supplies.

Interestingly, some parents came with their children and stayed to participate in the Youth Conference. They said they wanted to hear what their children were learning. These parents were very happy with the team, and thanked them profusely.

Many teenagers gave moving testimonies at the end of the conference. Here are a few of their statements:

"I am going to make dad and mum my best friends so that they will bless me and support me."

"I will not waste time any more. I am going to plant two thousand eucalyptus trees by the end of this year."

"I have learned a lot in this conference that has disproved what I have been hearing from my friends. In fact, most of my friends have been giving me misleading information."

Glory to God the Most High!