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The Prayer of CIC in outline

By Nancy Altschuler

This could almost read like a memo…

To:  The Father
From:  ME – it’s a PERSONAL conversation from ME to my FATHER

Answers all the basic questions
a. Establishes WHO the Father IS – The FATHER is my Lord and Creator of all things
b. Declarative statement as to WHAT the Father has done – He’s entrusted ME with a place of stewardship amongst HIS Creation – Wow!!!!  This is really powerful to declare.  It’s my job to believe WHAT He’s already done in my life.
c. HOW, or WHERE – very simply; it’s all done through HIS Holy Spirit – through my heart and soul
d. WHY – so the Holy Spirit can teach me - live and act (proactively) through me
    1. To PRAY and LIVE in Christ and as Christ
    2.  LOVE of family, friends, and all peoples (pay attention to the form of speech – not the verb, but possibly adverb? – this changes the meaning somewhat)
    3. Stewardship over time, talent, $$, and possessions that HE has already given me.  I must NAME the areas of which the Lord has made me responsible; therefore, I must periodically evaluate and take time to consider processes and actions in order to grow.
e. WHEN does this happen – NOW and Forever more!  Amen

Conclusion -  WCIC is a powerful prayer – when I pray this it changes the perspective of my day, through causing me to ask God about my stewardship, checking my heart and responses to respond with respect and dignity professionally so I can be faithful to the calling God has put before me.

The author, Nancy Altschuler is a member of the WCIC-Fresno Chapter. She would welcome your comments on her prayer reflection. Nancy can be reached at altschuler6513@sbcglobal.net.