WCIC-Fresno Chapter Day of Renewal - May 3, 2014

Do you feel you are an active disciple of Christ? Jesus said, “If you do not carry your own cross and follow me, you cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 15:27) What crosses are you being asked to bear at this time? Are you aware that Jesus is by your side? 

“Jesus calls on all of us to be his disciples.” – Susan Cabrera 

On Saturday, May 3, 2014 the WCIC-Fresno Chapter held its first Day of Renewal. The Reflection of the Day was, “Holy Women, Our Inspiring Disciples”. Susan Cabrera, sister in Christ from the WCIC-Santa Cruz Chapter, drove 150 miles each way to lead the day. The above questions were the first questions she asked the 50 women attendees, 64% of whom were new to WCIC. 

Our Service Council voted not to charge a fee to the event. The response of attendance proved this to be a wise decision.  By developing community business partners for event, the food, coffee expense and table cloth rentals were covered by sponsorships. 

The day focused on the concept of discipleship using examples of holy women who were close to Jesus when he walked on earth. The topics included: 

  • What Does it Mean to be a Disciple?  
  • Holy Women Who Inspire Us to be Disciples
  • Mary, Most Holy Mother of Jesus
  • Martha and Mary, Close Friends of Jesus
  • Mary Magdalene, Faithful Follower of Jesus

The day was most inspirational. Here are some comments from the attendees:

I was most impressed by the impeccable organization of today's "day of renewal". Obviously much thought and preparation went into the occasion. The content was very meaningful and provided me with much for reflection... Today provided the spiritual boost I needed, with a well-balanced approach that included prayer, scripture, and testimony. The music and A.C.T.S. prayers were most engaging. I need to process the above in terms of implications. BUT I do thank your organization for a most inspiring day.”  -Dolores

“Beautiful morning! Loved the theme and message from our speaker. Loved the heartfelt sentiments expressed in our circle (small group).”  -Georgette

 “A beautiful reflective morning! God bless you.”  -Mary Jane