What We Do

Christ Alive in the Workplace

Our purpose is to transform where we work, offices, schools, factories and hospitals into places where the love and power of Christ is present and we produce goods and services with excellence.

We are Christians in business providing Christian fellowship to live the life of Christ and Christian support to build the Kingdom of God. We are eager to draw others into the life and work of Christ.

Christians in Commerce is men and women working together to bring change to our workplaces. We are young and old, Catholics and Protestants, owners and employees, blue collar and white collar, management and front line employees. Explore the different ways we provide the Christian fellowship and Christian support each of us need.

Christians in Commerce Offers

Christians in Commerce Prayer

You are my Lord and Creator.
You entrust me with a place of stewardship in your creation.
Fill me with your Holy Spirit:
 That he may teach me to pray and live in Christ and as Christ;
 That he may teach me love for family, friends and all people.
     A love that is selfless, humble, and wise;
 That he may teach me stewardship of the talents, time, money and possessions you have given me.
    A stewardship that serves is generous and brings honor to your name;
 That he may teach me faithfulness to your call to Christians in Commerce.
    A call that unites us and builds your Kingdom in the marketplace.
Through Jesus Christ who is Lord.