Challenge Weekends

Challenge Weekends are Christian retreats for those in the workplace. The Challenge Weekend offers the opportunity to take stock and see what God has in mind for us. Experience the love of God through Jesus Christ – a life in Christ – a life in the Spirit – a life that is transforming and lived in power – a life rich and full of purpose – a life bringing love, integrity and excellence to the workplace.

Since they first began in April 1983, more than 14,000 men and women have attended weekends. You can take part in a very unique Christian retreat customized for those in the workplace looking to bring greater meaning and balance to their lives.

Find out what over 14,000 attendees already know: This weekend delivers!

“The Spirit is alive when lay people present the gospel from first hand experience. It’s real, powerful and meaningful.” Frank Heldt, Phoenix, AZ

“Amazing. Incredible insights and revelations through the relationships God created for me… I feel more confidence and acceptance with others than ever before.” Michele Keen, Reston, VA

“I’ve never been with men like this. They were generally interested in me and their lives were an open book. Friendships were formed that have lasted for 20 years.” Dick Kent, Winchester, VA

Conducted for men and women separately, the weekend explores God’s amazing strategy and how it works in real life. Through talks, real life stories, reflection and small group discussion, vital answers to the following questions are explored.

  • Why is work important to God?
  • How do we develop a loving relationship with God?
  • How can I respond to God’s love?
  • What is Jesus call to us?
  • What does it look like to receive the power of the Holy Spirit?
  • How can we be good stewards and bear fruit in the workplace?
  • How can we join with other Christians to be Christ in the workplace?

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