Separate men’s and women’s chapters support brothers and sisters in living the life of Christ in the workplace. Chapters gather weekly or twice a month for one hour for prayer, worship, teaching, small group discussion and friendship. This is where a Christian in business can get support.

Every week, hundreds of men and women meet throughout the country come to learn, encourage, support and pray with one another to be Christ in their workplaces. These Christians in Commerce meetings occur in private rooms in restaurants, hotels, offices, church buildings, board rooms - whatever is convenient for the group. As a Christian in business, you will find these gatherings welcoming, supportive and understanding.

Christians in Commerce is designed to allow the efforts to be adapted for the local needs, while providing a core structure that has been proven over time in a variety of situations. The goal is to allow the organization to fit itself to what the Lord is doing locally.

Meetings take place on a weekly basis and are in the form of Chapter Meetings, Challenge Groups, or a combination of both. These groups can be a form of outreach and participants are encouraged to invite colleagues and acquaintances. Meetings are generally one hour.

Chapter meetings open with prayer and worship followed by ten-minute talk by one of the members based on the weekly reflection from the Challenge Newsletter. A group discussion is held for the majority of the time together, followed by prayer requests and a Challenge for the coming week. The Challenge Group meetings are smaller gatherings of four to six individuals and generally follow a similar format.

For information on starting a chapter in your area, please call 877-205-5600.

CIC Local Chapters