Women's Challenge Weekend - August 22-24, 2014

On the weekend of August 22 – 24, 2014 WCIC Fresno Chapter held its second Challenge Weekend.  Twenty-one women attended of which ten were new to the Challenge Weekend; seven of the ten were new to WCIC. 

Our retreat was held at St. Anthony Retreat Center in Three Rivers, the gateway to Sequoia National Park in the Sierras.  As we drove up the hill we immediately felt the peace of its natural beautiful setting.  

The new attendees did not know what to expect, however, everyone was there to find Jesus through peace and healing.  They were not disappointed.  Our Sisters in Christ gave their Talks along with their personal witness.  The Talks and personal witness helped our attendees in their conversion as each learned from different experiences. 

It was a challenging weekend as we opened our hearts and spirit to become one with Jesus.   We peeled away obstacles standing in our way to that intimate relationship with Him.   After Talk Four, Receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit, demeanors changed and the small group discussions became more personal and open.  A feeling of peace was felt by everyone in that room.  There was a renewal of spirit.

As a result of our Challenge Weekend four new members attend our weekly meetings. 

Some of the comments from the attendees:  

“Peace of mind, clarity and deeper understanding of how to do God’s work at my work.” 

“Feeling a renewal in my spirit, faith and soul.”

“Deeper connection to God and to the Holy Spirit and, a deeper connection to my CIC Sisters.  In awe of the power in women seeking a closer connection to God.”

“God opened my eyes to what I needed to change in my life.”

“I was able to concentrate on just me and God.”

“I felt love.  I am not alone.  I am taking my God home with me.”

“A feeling of peace that has come over me.  A renewal of my faith.”