Women's Challenge Weekend, May 29-31, 2015

Our third annual Challenge Weekend Retreat took place from May 29 - 31, 2015.  Our venue was the beautiful gateway to Sequoia National Park, St. Anthony Retreat Center in Three Rivers, CA.  Three of our seventeen attendees traveled from 80 - 270 miles to spend 43 hours deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ. The retreatants’ opening comments of their retreat expectations were as follows: a desire for a closer walk with God; to boost their personal growth; to receive new revelations to a deeper conversion; to get away from distractions and stay focused on God; and a desire to find the ability to navigate through a spiritual business model.  

Our experience reminded me of Jesus' transfiguration (Luke 9:28-36) on the mountain with Peter, John and James as His true Presence was revealed to them. As we continued to surrender to His Holy Spirit and were either renewed in the Spirit or baptized in the Spirit, His appearance was also radiantly revealed to us.

The retreat provided practical tools for deepening our relationship with Jesus to become Him in our marketplace.  The retreat expectations made at the opening of the retreat were accomplished through the strong presence of the Holy Spirit.  There was no doubt that everyone had surrendered to the Holy Spirit. We left the retreat with the Lord’s Peace and Joy, confident that the Gifts and the Fruits of the Spirit will help us as we encounter future challenges at home and at our workplace.

These are comments by some attendees at the end of the retreat: 

"A feeling that my faith in God was strengthened"; "I understand that I have to be bolder for the Lord"; "I saw the Light of Christ shine through the women present at the retreat!  I leave with strength and a readiness to face my life challenge"; "Finding peace in myself - spiritually and emotionally. Realizing to find refuge in God.  Knowing that I can overcome the struggles in my daily life"; "God revealed to me areas in my life that He wants to help me work on.  Showed me direction for my life" and "I discovered what my next step is with Christ"