Working for Our Father Series

This series assists Christians in aligning their careers with God’s mission.

The program uses professionally-developed, engaging videos to capture the imagination of attendees, opening up to them a world of possibilities in working for our Father, as coworkers in Christ, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

It can be jointly presented to men and women. It can also be done in either one four-hour session or over four separate gatherings.

  • Accepting the Father's Gift of Work
  • Triumphing Over Toil, Trials, and Temptations
  • Aligning Your Career to God’s Mission
  • Operating in the Fruit of the Spirit

It is free and accessible to all. Our goal is to support and encourage the formation of small groups to carry out the mission to be Christ in the workplace on the local level.

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To contact the CIC Home Office:, 703.205.5600.