Youth Gospel Conference: December 11-14, 2013

Great is the Lord our God! He surprised us again last weekat our four-day CIC Youth Gospel Conference in Uganda, December 11-14, 2013. 

For four months they planned for an end- of year Youth Conference. Invitations were sent out and they used our evangelical CIC radio program to publicize the Youth Conference. The conference started on  Wednesday, December 11th in the evening after teenagers had poured in, in big numbers. By Thursday morning they had over 800 participants. Then on Friday afternoon there were over 1,000 young people.
Praise God for a very powerful public address system and a very big hall. They hastened and hired many more chairs; and hired more tents which served as dining halls.
The theme of the conference came from 2 Tim. 2: 3-4. The Faithful Soldier of Christ Jesus. For four days we powerfully proclaimed the gospel to the youth. The talks included:

  • Loyalty To The Master
  • Stewardship
  • Witnessing to Christ in Schools
  • Maximizing one’s Potential
  • Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Called to Leadership
  • Mission and Vision of CIC

At the end of the conference, the youth testified about how the conference had touched their lives. One boy said that his search for fun and happiness had landed him into incredible trouble. He said he would not again look for fun without considering what God requires of him. Another boy said that he had found fun in Jesus ‘I have had fun through out this conference without going to a disco or drinking alcohol. There is fun in Jesus’ he said.
One girl said her friends had led her astray. ‘I have learned at this conference that I should carefully select the people I associate with because bad friends can lead me to death’ she said. The same girl said she had learned that Christian teaching influences all behaviour. She said she had made a decision to live by Christian principles.
Another girl said that many people including her parents had spoken negatively into her life. She’d been told that she is good for nothing, ugly, lazy and a failure. From this conference she had learned that she is not what people say she is but rather what God created her to be. ‘ I am precious and priceless before God, and I will strive to maintain the standard God set for me.’ She said very happily.